To Play, See And Be Among The Stars Los Angeles, CA


Friday | Sep. 25, 2020


Since 1930 the historic Greek Theatre, located in Griffith Park has stood as one of the nation’s most beloved and recognized outdoor entertainment venues. 

Throughout its history, the Greek has played host to some of the biggest legends in music – from Sir Elton John, Aretha Franklin, Frank Sinatra, Bruce Springsteen, Carlos Santana and many more! "The Greek Theatre has brought the world to Los Angeles, with nine decades of historic shows and iconic performances," Councilmember David Ryu said. "This is Los Angeles' amphitheater, and though we cannot celebrate its 90th birthday in person this year, we can honor and cherish the history made on its stage - and look forward to future years of live performances."

Despite hosting thousands of performers, the Greek is no stranger to troubling times. Before 2020 and the array of challenges brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic, the Greek witnessed the effects of World War 2, serving as a barracks rather than hosting world renown performers. 

As the Greek persevered in the 1940’s, she will once again grace the pages of music history when gatherings for live music commence again.

“As the Greek turns 90, we hope fans of the venue will share stories and experiences of their favorite Greek concert memories with each other and us,” said Mike Shull, General Manager, Recreation and Parks. “We want everyone to remember that music heals and we will be back!”

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