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Lifehouse & Switchfoot

with Brynn Elliot

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Two fan favorite 90's pop-rock bands are coming together this summer. Switchfoot and Lifehouseannounced on Tuesday that they're joining forces to launch the "Looking for Summer" tour, starting July 23 and running through September 10. You can watch the official tour announcement video by using the media player included with this article.

Switchfoot released their most recent album, When The Light Shines Through, last July. It was their tenth studio record and peaked at number 10 on the Billboard 200 albums chart. Amusingly their tour for that album was called the "Looking for America" tour. On the other side, Lifehouse went on a brief hiatus between 2013 and 2014, before returning with their 2015 record Out of the Wasteland. It was the band's seventh studio album and topped the Billboard Independent Albums Chart, as well as reaching number three on the Top Rock Albums Chart.

The "Looking for Summer" Tour is thus a great opportunity for two bands who have made memorable returns to the pop-rock scene. Each of them have fan followings from their heydays, and each of them have been flying under the radar since. Having them on the same tour is one more signficant piece in both their next chapters, and it helps that they both appeal to the same audience. There's nothing better than a tour in which fans love both of the headliners, and Switchfoot and Lifehouse can definitely deliver a well-rounded live performance. 

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